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How to Generate Leads Using Social Media

If you are not utilizing social media to generate new leads and customers, your business is losing out on profits right now. Social media marketing has become a vital way for many businesses to generate new leads and sale. 
The sheer number of potential customers on social media sites makes interacting online a must. Facebook alone has over a billion users. As well, your social media sites and profiles don’t just bring you new customers; they increase your page rank, influence keywords, and help improve organic SEO traffic to your site.  

If you are looking to grow your business and find new customers, you must generate new leads using social media. Here’s how:


Do your Research

First, you need to decide which social media platforms you will utilize. Generating social media leads starts with the right platform. Research your industry and see which social media platforms are common. Then investigate and find out if any platforms are under utilized in your industry.

Next, you’ll want to research which keywords will be a focus of your social media accounts. This will help to determine your target audience and spread your message far and wide.

Develop a Strategy

Before going social media crazy, you must develop a plan of action for your business social media accounts. You need to develop a clear set of goals and ideas for your social media accounts. Each of your social media channels should require it’s own plan and agenda. Some content will be the same throughout your platforms, but some content should be specialized to a certain account. You won't generate leading using social media in less you have a plan. We can help you with this with a 60 minute recorded web session to get you going in the right direction. Click Here

Utilize Multiple Platforms

Common sense, but you will want to use a multitude of social media platforms. A blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account are the bare minimum. LinkedIn should be a priority for most companies and individuals as well.

Some businesses could find ways to generate leads through Instagram and YouTube. This will depend on your industry.

Create Content

In order to generate leads with social media you must be active. The easiest way to become active on social media is by creating content for a blog. You should ideally be posting new and relevant content to your blog 1-3 times per week. Then you will spread the news of your new post using all your social media accounts. By constantly updating your content, you always remain active on social media.

Be Active & Engaging

Remaining active by posting new blog posts, posting relevant links, and posting tips on your social media sites is essential to generating new leads. You should also be interacting with anyone who comments on your pages. This helps to keep people coming back to your page. People want to know your brand is more than just sales, you provide a community to your customers.

However, be weary of over posting. If your company blows up your customer’s newsfeed a few times a day you may find yourself losing followers.

Track your Results

If you decide to improve your lead generation through social media, make sure you track your results. Find a social media monitoring software and work to utilize the program. Twitter and Facebook both allow for some tracking through weekly email updates.

Cross Promote

Make sure to link all of your social media sites together. You should be able to access your social media sites through your blog and vice versa. Occasionally, send a link to your other social media sites if you only post certain content on one type of platform. This is especially useful for YouTube and Instagram users.

Let us help you generate leads using social media!




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