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How to Design a Successful Logo for Your Business

Five basic principles have been used to create successful logos time and again. We’ll walk through each of those today. Next time you sit down to design a logo or approve a logo created for you, go through this list to make sure it’s not missing any key components.

#1. Keep it simple.

The most successful logos in the world are simple and straightforward. Simple logos are easily recognizable and much less confusing than highly detailed logos with too many different components. Simple logos can also look strong and bold. When it comes to logo design, the majority of the time, less is more. Here are a few examples of simple and highly successful logos that virtually everyone recognizes:

  • Apple
  • FedEx
  • McDonald's


#2. Be memorable.

Your logo should stand out from others in your industry. Someone should be able to look at it briefly and remember its basic components. It should be clearly recognizable, unique, and attractive. Your logo should reflect what your company does and stands for. These three logos are memorable, support their brand identities, and cater to their specific audiences:

  • Starbucks
  • Walt Disney
  • Twitter


#3. Make it timeless.

Create a logo that has a timeless look and feel so it doesn’t quickly become outdated, or your business could soon be perceived as irrelevant and obsolete. Choose elements that you want to stick with for many years. You may need to make some alterations over time, but the overall appearance of your logo should endure. These logos have been around for decades and still retain their key components:

  • Coca-Cola
  • General Electric
  • Union Pacific
  • CBS


#4. Be versatile.

Your logo should be able to be scaled for use on large applications, such as posters and billboards, and it should also be able to be scaled down to a very small size and still be recognizable—for mobile applications and website icons, for example. It should look good on a business card, letterhead, website, social media, and other graphic design applications. It's best if it can also be converted to black and white and still work successfully. Chances are it will eventually be printed in black and white, and you don’t want it to come out looking like a solid black blob. Here are some examples of highly versatile logos:

  • Nike
  • Kellogg’s
  • Gucci


#5. Make it appropriate.

Does your logo tell a story that describes who you are and what you do? Will it connect with and attract your consumers? The following brands and logos are geared toward their specific audiences. The Pampers logo, for example, looks soft and cute, and is designed specifically for moms.

  • Pampers
  • Chevrolet


Whether you’re designing a logo yourself or you’re working with a professional graphic designer, these five vital principles should be implemented during logo creation. If you’re currently searching for a graphic design firm to work with to design an effective logo for your business, contact Blue Frog Marketing! We’re based in Des Moines, but we also have offices in Denver and Huron (Ohio), and we'd love to work with you, no matter your location.

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