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Des Moines Graphic Designers, What to Expect.

Choosing a Graphic designer to work with can be difficult. They are responsible for translating your visual identity to the public, in a way that makes people comfortable with your products or services. A designer not only needs to be open to communication and constructive criticism, but also has to be able to generate proper work from a technical standpoint. There are many things to consider while selecting a designer, and even more things to keep in mind while one is under your employ.

Attention to Detail may be an obvious one, but it is easily overlooked at times. Everyone makes mistakes to certain point but what makes a great designer is the ability to notice things when others may not. Small aspects of design can impact an identity in a variety of ways, and it is important that a designer understands the details of your brand to avoid any unwanted attention. Consider a designer’s email etiquette during initial contact. There is simply no excuse for poor grammar and misspelled words. This is good foreshadowing to a designers ability to pick up on smaller things while spellcheck software may not.

Communication skills can make or break a relationship between client and designer. It is important that both sides practice strong communication in the process of a project, so the results are a summation of everyone’s talent. Ongoing contact is a must because Graphic work takes time to be fine-tuned. Aspects of design projects can be altered constantly. It is important that a designer can easily translate your words into the visual world, and take constructive criticism in stride. Do not be shy to let your designer know your thoughts no matter how big or small. After all, the designer is your employee, and they are responsible for providing you with proper work that reflects your ideas and brand. A good way to verify a potential designer’s communication skills is with references and testimonials. 

Your designer should be flexible with both their work and alterations during the design process. Graphic designers always come with a style that they have developed throughout their career. However, a seasoned graphic designer should be capable of adapting their style to suit your needs. Don’t Ever let a designer talk you out of your ideas. A designer should be able to generate work based on your ideas, because let’s face it; you know your organization better then anyone. It helps everyone to see ideas worked out, and after that an informed decision can be made. The best design work arises from trial and error. One cannot make a good decision without addressing bad decisions first. A good way to identify flexibility in a designer’s work is in the portfolio. Are the pieces all similar stylistically, or has the designer taken time to create one-of-a kind pieces for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Good time management is essential in accomplishing your goals. Deadlines should be set and followed by everyone involved. Design is step one of the branding and identity process, and often the thing that can cause campaigns and promotions to be pushed back. Make sure the timeline is clearly planned out with scheduled milestones, and status reports included along the way. A freelance designer may have any number of clients at a given time, but you should feel like you are the only client on his or hers roster.

A strong portfolio and informative website is something that should be expected from all professional designers. This is also a great model of the aforementioned characteristics that assist you in finding the right person for the job. A portfolio or website should provide a potential client with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. You should not be left wondering how to contact the potential designer, and you should not have any questions about his or her work history. A design portfolio should be engaging, just like the design work you need done for your organization.

Keep in mind that design is changing constantly. More and more great students are graduating in design programs then ever before and are ready to help your organization, however it is important to carefully select the right person for the job. Cheap work is rarely good work, branding and marketing are no place for a reputable organization to cut corners.  Follow these tips and pay attention to how a designer conducts his or her self before and during a project to get the most for your money. 


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