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4 Tips for Using Business Promotional Products Effectively

Quick, grab a bottle opener. Or a drink koozie. Or a pen. 

Chances are that one of these things is branded with the information of some company that you’ve interacted with in the past. Small, useful household items are great vehicles to get your brand into the pockets and homes of your potential clients. The average man has 8 promotional caps, and the average woman has 5 promotional mugs! Not only does most everyone have these kind of business promotional items, but people also keep them around for years: a branded tote bag will stay in use for an average of four years!  

Choose the Right Items

Useful products like note pads, water bottles, flashlights, and tote bags are some great examples of things people will use on a daily basis - the kind of items you should choose for your promotional giveaways. Your brand regularly gets in front of not only the people using the pieces but also those around them, making branded everyday items a great way to build brand awareness. Choosing useful items that relate to your business can make them even more memorable: a portable bike-repair kit for a bike shop; bottle openers for a brewery; a wallet card of floss for a dentist; a tire gauge for a car dealership. If your business provides a seasonal service, a calendar with important dates marked can be an ideal way for clients to think of you year round (and remember to call you during tax season or for back-to-school uniforms).

Make the Connection 

One of the most effective ways to use business promotional products is to help new connections remember your interaction. If you meet and connect with a potential client at a community event, giving her a key ring with your contact information can be much more memorable than handing her just a business card. Setting up a booth at a festival with branded hand-held fans or water bottles can ensure that people who stopped by remember your business throughout the hot days ahead. If you sponsor a marathon, giving out sport towels or t-shirts with your logo can mean that participants will keep your branded product as a souvenir of their achievement.

Brand Your Team 

Giving branded promotional items like sweatshirts, scarves, hats, or other wearable goods to your team enables them to be brand ambassadors for your business everywhere they go. Even if they only wear them to jog around the neighborhood, run errands, or mow the lawn, they’re advertising your brand to everyone they interact with! Sponsoring a company sports team in a local recreational league can also be a great opportunity to get your logo out there and let your brand “play” to a wider audience.

Commemorate Occasions

Branded items don’t have to be cheap, mass-produced giveaways. You can use quality branded items to honor your employees for achievements, milestones, and accomplishments. Gifts like quality drinkware, watches, pens, and other luxury items can be elegantly and tastefully branded for special, commemorative gifts for your team.

Need some help figuring out what branded promotional products would be perfect for your company? Blue Frog's professional marketing team can help you develop your brand strategy, figure out the best items for your promotional needs, and produce quality branded items quickly and economically. For inspiration, visit to search through over 300,000 customizable business promotional items. Even if you have something in mind that you don't see, we can probably do it! Give us a call or click below to get started.

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