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What are Social Media for Business Likes Worth?

Are you over-valuing the volume of “likes” rather than the quality of likes? 

We all remember the high school years when every day seemed like a popularity contest. Whether you were a cool kid, somewhere in the middle or more of a loner, social interactions had a huge influence on your day-to-day life. Then one-day we wake up, and we are out of high school and off to college or the working world. Now that social media has become such a part of our worlds we are all leaving an online presence. This presence creates impressions to the outside world that allow us to connect with anyone we have ever met. In many ways, social media allow us to keep that popularity contest going. How many friends do you have? How many likes did you get for that post? However, using social media for business with a strategy revolves around a popularity contest is a bad idea and will get you nowhere.

The Vanity Like

We call them vanity likes at Blue Frog Marketing. One of the first things most businesses want to create on social media is a large fan base -- after all, the more people you have as fans, the more business you’ll generate via social media, right? Wrong. 
Smart businesses focus on building a large fan base of qualified leads and customers. For example, if you’re a restaurant in Des Moines having a ton of fans from Fort Collins isn’t going to drive much business to your Tuesday night buffet extravaganza. The number of likes you get is not nearly as important as the quality of likes you get. 
When it comes to building your social media fan base, you need to be selective about whom you target and how you attract fans so that your social media base aligns with your overall business strategy.

What is a Facebook business fan worth?

Some businesses are aiming with a high school mentality desperately trying to grow their fan base. It’s easy to compare yourself to your competition but you need to realize that Facebook fans, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections don’t mean anything, if it doesn’t turn into to business. That’s the point of social media for business that you actually turn your online presence into a profit, isn’t it? Our philosophy is an inbound method to marketing. Our goal is to help you drive traffic to your website and then turn those visitors into customers.

So, the next time you are basing your decision on a fan count keep in mind that those fans could be fake, uninterested or in another country. Focus on delivering a quality product or service and sending out quality content. The right customers will follow you online, visit your website and become your ideal clients.

We would love to hear your thoughts on vanity likes, fake fans and what your think a like is really worth. Leave your comments below and don't forget to subscribe to our blog. 

How can we help you?

Blue Frog’s social media marketing strategy reflects our philosophy that inbound marketing is essential to the ongoing success of today's businesses and that creating remarkable content is a vital part of that approach. We assist our customers in creating engaging material that sparks interest in and gets people talking about their businesses.  

Having a social media strategy is much more than simply posting regularly to various social media sites and hoping that people notice. Customers no longer want to be talked to; they want to be talked with. There are many "social media companies" in Des Moines. However, not many have a comprehensive approach and analytics that actually show results. Blue Frog can help you attract attention on social media and actively engage with users, building relationships that set your business up to be a provider of choice for those in the know.

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