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With 1 in 3 professionals active users on LinkedIn, your company can’t afford not to be on the platform. This Thursday, November 13th, Blue Frog will be offering a FREE webinar on LinkedIn for Business.  We will show you how to optimize your individual and company profiles to get new business.

It is widely thought that LinkedIn is used mostly for job searches. That’s just simply no longer the case. LinkedIn now provides a great way for people to connect, network, and establish yourself or your company as a leader in your industry. If you are in a business where networking is key (especially sales!) this platform definitely has a lot to offer you. It is also an excellent tool for companies to tie into their inbound marketing strategies.


I know what you’re thinking – what makes us experts on this social media platform? The answer is simple. We’re experts on this for the same reasons you’re an expert in your field – we’re passionate about it. At Blue Frog, we spend hours listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and attending various webinars to make sure we’re experts on all things marketing.


About Blue Frog

Blue Frog was established in 2009 providing primarily graphic design and commercial printing services. Since that time, we have evolved, developing additional core services, including website design, SEO, content creation, social media marketing, and inbound marketing. This evolution has allowed us to better serve the greatest marketing needs of our clients.  Due to our acute focus on these core competencies, we provide our customers with an exceptional level of quality.  Whether you need assistance developing an online strategy, production of basic marketing materials, or even a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, we can help.


Blue Frog provides efficient, responsive, and personalized service that sets us apart from our competition.  No other marketing company provides our unique suite of services chosen for their high utilization by large and small companies alike.




About your trainer.


Raylee Melton is the digital strategy manager for Blue Frog, a burgeoning marketing company based in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a wife, mom, and social media marketing fanatic. She has written well over 30,000 social media posts for businesses and placed over $45,000 worth of Facebook ads. 

Raylee is a trusted authority in the digital media field. Frequently interviewed for the Business Record as an online marketing expert, she offers social media trainings and workshops to individuals and businesses throughout the Des Moines area and conducts online trainings all across the country. At the request of Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), she collaborated in the development and instruction of a continuing education course on online marketing. She also has been consulted by Infragard, a partnership between the FBI and private sector to promote homeland security, as an expert witness on online security. 

In her spare time, Raylee volunteers as a board member at Booster Pak and as the business partner for Westridge Elementary PTA.


What we will cover.

This webinar is definitely geared towards beginners. We will briefly talk about how to set up your profile, what makes a good profile picture, and how to connect with people. We will then discuss how to get more out of LinkedIn by using keywords in your profile and by joining groups related to your field. We will also take a few minutes to answer your specific questions about how to use LinkedIn for business, so make sure you come prepared!


If you still need to sign up, no problem! Just click here and fill out the form. You will be signed up AND you’ll receive our free eBook to go along with what was covered in the webinar.


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