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7 Steps to a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

As a HubSpot certified partner we utilize inbound marketing best practices for our clients. When executed on a consistent basis, inbound marketing campaigns can seriously transform your business. HubSpot has been executing inbound marketing campaigns for nearly 7 years and the results they have experienced are astonishing:

  • 40,000+ new leads per month
  • 2,000,000+ page views per month
  • 55,000+ blog subscribers
  • 7,000+ customers
It is safe to say they understand how to execute Inbound Marketing!
Based on our HubSpot successes with our client, I would like to share with you the 7 steps to a successful inbound marketing campaign.
1. Design a targeted offer to generate new email contacts- The first step in any inbound marketing campaign is a targeted offer. The offer is a service, incentive or piece of content that attracts your website visitors to become a lead or customer. Make sure to devote your time to creating a great offer as a first step in your inbound marketing efforts. Without a great offer, you will have an uphill battle to convert site traffic, and your inbound marketing campaign will stall before it can get rolling. 
2. Promote your offer on your website with a Call to Action & Landing Page- A call to action and landing page are both used to advertise and promote the offer on your website. The call to action button is used to tell website visitors what you're offering on your landing page. Make sure your call to action is very visible and prominent, and your landing page should optimized with keywords and have an attention grabbing headline. 
3. Setup a series of Lead Nurturing Emails- Once a visitor to your website fills out the offer form you have their email. As part of the lead nuturing component, you will send out a series of timed emails to them. The goal of the lead nuturing is to get website visitors to convert into prospects and customers. 
4. Market your offer to existing customers with Email- The most logical audience to promote your new offer to is your existing contacts with email marketing. To be most effective, you should segment your contact lists and message each list slightly differently. No matter which group of contacts you email, keep your end goal to provide useful and relevant information.
5. Attract new visitors to the offer through blogging- Blogging is one of the most effective and efficient ways of driving traffic to your website. The consistent publishing of useful, relevant, interesting and sharable content that utilizes targeted keywords will help your website rank higher in seach engines. The higher your website ranking is, the better chance people will find you, thus resulting in more website traffic. 
6. Use social media to promote your offer- Your offer MUST be promoted on social media. You need to do more than make a new offer and hope that people will find it. Sharing your offer on social media encourages others to share with their networks as well, thus helping drive more traffic to your website and ultimately resulting in more leads for your business.
7. Measure, analyze, adjust as necessary- The wonderful thing about your Inbound Marketing campaign is that every component can be measured and improved upon. Your call to action didn't have a high enough click-through rate? Let's change it and improve it. Your email marketing didn't have a high open rate? Let's change it and improve it. At any time we can check the performance of each component and make changes to get the desired results.
The above Inbound Marketing Campaign components are not as easy as they sound, but can be done. If you are interested in Inbound Marketing for your business, but don't want to tackle it alone give Blue Frog a call. We are a HubSpot Certified Partner and more than happy to help!
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