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Why Aren’t All My Des Moines Facebook Fans Seeing My posts?

My Facebook fans aren’t seeing my posts! HELP!!!

So, you have been told that social media free, right? Well, careful before you think it’s super easy to get in front of people. Not only do you need to get more fans, followers and connections but then you need them to see the post.  This is a common frustration amongst small business owners. Although you may have a high volume of people who like your Facebook page, only a small percentage of them are going to actually see your post in their News Feed. Right now it is around 9% of your fans. This is because of Facebook’s algorithm (Edgeranker) that predicts what the most important stories are for each user. There are over 1,000 ways that Facebook’s algorithm is determining what you will see on your newsfeed. This makes it harder for marketers to really get their message across. How can Facebook tell what people want to see? Well, are a few signs.

These signs include:

  • How often a person interacts with the page.
  • How much a person has interacted with the type of post in the past
  • Whether or not others are hiding posts or reporting them as spam.

What Should You Do?

  • Create engaging content
  • Create content worth repeating
  • Optimize your content for interaction
  • Be consistent
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