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In another life I studied and performed opera, so I love attending concerts around Des Moines whenever I can! My other hobbies include gardening, knitting, and cooking. I’m also a huge Chicago Cubs and Drake Bulldogs fan! I love the team-centered atmosphere here at Blue Frog. Everyone brings a different specialty to the table and I’m always learning from our collaborations!

Machine Learning and the Evolution of SEO

Posted by Gabbi Sarcone on Sep 18, 2018 1:54:00 PM

The continuous evolution of SEO can be oversimplified as a shift from search engine optimization toward search experience optimization. According to Business Insider, 90% of online searches are happening through Google with over a third of all search inquiries yielding no clicks! Due to a huge improvement in user experience (UX), searchers are getting their questions answered right at the top of the first results page without ever even needing to visit a site.  

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Beyond ROI—Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Inbound Strategy

Posted by Gabbi Sarcone on Aug 10, 2018 3:34:02 PM

The goal of any marketing effort is simply driving significant, measurable growth by the most cost-effective means possible. When executives and business owners are looking for every opportunity to pinch pennies, it’s essential you’re able to point to real, quantifiable contributions traced and attributed to your strategic recommendations.

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