Video Production Services

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Professional Video Production Services

Video marketing plays a vital role in any online marketing strategy. When video for the web is created and optimized effectively, it helps increase the reach and impact of your company’s online marketing communications. At Blue Frog Marketing, we have a team of experts specializing in video production, video editing, and online strategy who can work with you to create and optimize videos for maximum online visibility.

Generating Leads Through Video Marketing

Video can be a powerful lead generating tool when used correctly. Effective online video marketing enhances your user’s buyer journey—instead of being disruptive—by focusing on attracting viewers through engaging content that’s relevant and helpful. This then entices the user to take action, whether that means filling out a form or dialing a phone number.

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Video Marketing 101: Creating The Playbook

Your company has jumped on board and decided to implement a video marketing strategy this year. There are many different types of videos you can create to promote your business, and there are many

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How Video Marketing Applies to The Buyers Journey

If you’ve been keeping up with digital marketing trends this year, you already know that video marketing is a hot topic. You see video everywhere—on websites, social media, sporting events,

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Video Editing Services

With a limited amount of time to capture and hold your audience’s attention, creating an informative, relevant, and engaging video is crucial. Post production is the step that ties your project together, utilizing video editing to connect visuals and sounds that stand out and resonate with your audience.

Animation Services

Motion graphics are an effective way to visualize complex ideas through storytelling and animation. Information that could take hours to grasp in writing can be simplified into brief, easily digestible motion graphics. Incorporating motion graphics into your marketing is a modern, cost-efficient way to present ideas, charts, graphs, and products or services by using purposeful movement to tell the right story.


Why Use Micro-Animations in Your Design

Micro-animations are small, functional animations that enhance the user experience by giving visual feedback and rewarding interaction. Utilizing micro-animations throughout your website can simplify the process of navigating, following instructions, completing forms, and more by subtly guiding the user through the process. Implementing these techniques result in a smoother and more responsive overall experience for your website visitors.

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