HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner Program
Blue Frog Awarded 2023 Platform Migration Excellence HubSpot Impact Award

HubSpot Platform Strategy

Many users expect to purchase a HubSpot license and instantly transform their customer lifecycle management. In fact, this transition requires a highly specialized approach and careful planning to create a custom foundation for success. Blue Frog can assist with everything from selecting the correct licensing and leading a smooth HubSpot onboarding process to developing a successful growth strategy that leverages the platform to its highest capabilities.


Right for you if…

  1. Your company isn’t currently using a CRM or uses several disconnected platforms and processes to manage contact data.
  2. You’re looking for a marketing, sales, and/or service automation solution for your company but unsure whether HubSpot is the right fit, which licenses are appropriate, or how to implement it.
  3. You’re a new HubSpot customer and purchased a license directly from HubSpot with no service package.
  4. You have a mature HubSpot instance and are unsure how to get the best value from it.
  5. You’ve worked with a different HubSpot agency that didn’t provide the strategic leadership you had hoped.

Why Blue Frog?

Because we’re based outside of Des Moines, Iowa, working with Blue Frog means you get all the quality and expertise of a mature, Elite-level HubSpot agency without the cost of a coastal agency or staff.

Our robust, all-in-house team comprises all the necessary skill sets essential to digital strategy, from design and development to strategy and data analysis. We also have specific team members dedicated to providing expertise on all the newest solutions and tools across the HubSpot platform, including HubSpot-certified CMS developers, trainers, and solutions architects. We ensure our clients feel confident they have the appropriate licenses for their organization and are set up for successful implementation and long-term adoption.

What Can I Expect When Partnering with Blue Frog?

The nature of this engagement will largely depend on the maturity of your HubSpot implementation and your business goals. If you’re not currently using HubSpot, we will first help you navigate licensing options and provide a recommendation that ensures your investment is aligned with your needs. We’ll audit and optimize your existing HubSpot platforms and any integrated systems to ensure you have a foundation of clean, actionable data that will support a comprehensive growth strategy.

Ready to optimize your platform?

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