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Blue Frog Awarded 2023 Platform Migration Excellence HubSpot Impact Award

B2B Lead Generation

Digital B2B lead generation identifies potential prospects and then guides them through a user experience designed to convert them into paying clients. The main challenge with B2B lead generation is that products or services are often evaluated by more than one person in an organization; in some cases, several teams are involved. A successful B2B lead generation strategy is one that accounts for the complexity of business decision-making processes, using quality data and a strategic combination of digital platforms to approach each buyer.


Right for you if…

  1. You struggle to connect with contacts who match your ideal customer profiles.
  2. You have an attractive but niche offering with a finite target audience.
  3. You’ve solely relied on outbound strategies to connect with cold leads.
  4. Your sales process is complex and requires approval from multiple stakeholders within an organization.

Why Blue Frog?

As one of the first HubSpot agencies, Blue Frog has always been at the forefront of data-driven growth initiatives. Our more recent partnerships with and ZoomInfo are making it easier to show clients how investing in quality data can lead to greater success.

What Can I Expect This Engagement Will Look Like?

We start by using or ZoomInfo to identify the most important contacts who can benefit from your service. After syncing contact data with the HubSpot platform, we will launch an omni-channel strategy designed to deliver enticing messaging to all potential stakeholders at your target accounts.

Ready to for better leads?

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