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Website Design & Development

An effective website is more than an online experience that showcases and educates users on your business, it serves as a digital salesperson educating users on the solutions you provide and moves a user effortlessly through their buyer’s journey with the goal of turning them into a qualified MQL and SQL for your business. Furthermore, an effective website strategy doesn’t stop at a user filling out a form. Once a user converts on your website, we work with you to develop a tailored architecture of how that user’s information needs to efficiently route through your systems into a centralized data repository for marketing and sales to automate and provide a more personalized experience for those newly qualified MQLs and SQLs.


Why Blue Frog?

Too often, website projects become headaches. Too many team members get involved, and their roles, expectations, and goals for the project aren’t aligned. Project phases may begin to overlap due to timeline constraints, editing rounds, and lack of the proper resources for effective execution. All this can lead to friction and scope creep.

Blue Frog has invested in the proper resources and time with their partners to truly understand what makes a website project challenging and painful and what is required to eliminate this common notion of website projects being agonizing. We’ve learned that establishing a thorough roadmap and custom-tailored process is key to the outcome of a website redesign. Some of the steps we’ve found to be essential to a successful website strategy include establishing goals, collaborating with clients to develop a deep understanding of their business, creating a roadmap of the process, educating clients on the reasons for the roadmap, and assembling the proper team of experts to support the project to its successful completion.

What Can I Expect This Engagement Will Look Like?

As we work with you to understand your challenges, goals, and vision with your website to build your custom roadmap that in return allows our team to capture all crucial project variables involved for a successful completion. Our team of strategists, project coordinators, designers, content specialists, developers, analysts, and solutions architects, will lead and collaborate with you throughout each phase of your project. From customer journey mapping to picking out which platform and technologies are right for you and every creative and technical component in between, all of this will culminate into a sophisticated, responsive, well-thought-out site that’s optimized to attract and convert users into new business opportunities and enable your team to work smarter not harder.

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