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HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot opens the door for data-driven strategic insights, activating comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, and aids in the creation of a more valuable feedback loop between teams. While many expect to purchase their license and immediately transform their lead management process, it can require a highly specialized approach to create the custom foundation your business needs for success.


Right for you if…

  1. Your company recently purchased a Hubspot license
  2. You need assistance with the technical setup of the platform
  3. Your processes require customized approaches to setup and automations
  4. You need additional training for you or your team to better utilize HubSpot's tools

Why Blue Frog?

Blue Frog's analysts work at the critical intersection of marketing technology and data strategy. Our in-house team works to ensure HubSpot platforms are customized to the unique needs of each of our clients. We know that ease and effectiveness of use help our clients' prospect management process run more smoothly and yield richer data feedback loops for continued optimization of inbound strategies. 

What Can I Expect This Engagement Will Look Like?

The goal of our HubSpot onboarding is to implement HubSpot as part of your marketing and sales strategy to promote clean data collection and facilitate automated, repeatable lead nurturing processes all while providing the foundation for closed-loop analytics and continuous data-driven improvements. 

Your dedicated onboarding team will spend time with you establishing goals and understanding your processes. From CRM configuration, technical setup, portal customization, and team alignment, we aim to execute on key initiatives that set your HubSpot portal up to best fit the needs of your business objectives and processes. Once setup, we'll provide you with training and resources designed to help you and your teams use the tools effectively and efficiently.

Set your business up for success

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