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Branding & Graphic Design

Stand out from competitors and amplify your message with a brand identity. As the fundamental component of your visual presence, a comprehensive brand identity should reflect a company’s spirit and vision for success. By building a family of cohesive brand elements, you can more effectively communicate with your target audience and showcase your uniqueness among competitors. Based on industry trends and insights into what makes your business exceptional, Blue Frog will collaborate closely with you to create a collection of brand elements, including a versatile color pallet, font family, custom logo, and other marketing collateral that conveys the goals and essence of your organization and help you develop a strategy to implement them effectively across all marketing channels.


Custom Logo Design

Your logo is a vital component of your brand and should express who you are as an organization. Our team of designers can work with you to define how to represent your business best visually with a mark that differentiates you from competitors. We can also help determine the best ways to utilize your marketing materials for both prominence and aesthetics.

Kick Off & Discovery

Blue Frog will kick off with a discovery meeting to collaborate with you and discuss the business, your value proposition, goals, adjectives to describe your business and brand, along with any ideas or preferences you have in regard to colors, fonts, shapes, or general brand essence. The team will also bring a list of topics for discussion that can help Blue Frog understand your unique style and vision. A mood board or collective list of ideas will be created as a collaborative tool for reference during the design process and in future discussions about art direction.


Design & Iterations

Blue Frog will formulate the initial logo routes that will exemplify the goals and ideas provided by you from the discovery process. Together the teams review your feedback and decide on one or two concepts to advance into final rounds of editing. Once the final direction and assets are chosen, Blue Frog will export and package all art files and provide them to your team. Additionally, the team may work with you for Blue Frog to assemble a style sheet that serves as a reference to your new logo, colors, and fonts, or a full comprehensive brand standards guide that outlines all the brand elements and best uses of each.

Graphic Design & Commercial Printing Services

A great brand deserves the opportunity to come to life through marketing collateral. In addition to branding, we offer an array of graphic design services, including digital and print. Our team of designers can work with you on digital downloadable pieces, sales collateral, advertising campaign assets, email template, etc. We also have the ability to work with you on business cards, pocket folders, brochures, booklets, signage, and much more. You also have the option to streamline vendor communication and print your artwork through our subsidiary company, Des Moines Printing. Our in-house designers will collaborate directly with their team to ensure the project is delivered in high-quality print format and will provide you an efficient, seamless process from beginning to end.


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