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Marketing is a vital part of building and maintaining a successful legal practice. As an attorney, your top priority is to take care of your existing clients, but you also need a way to bring new clients through your door.

Many attorneys turn to national companies that provide marketing for lawyers, such as FindLaw, Martindale-Hubbell, or LexisNexis, to manage their online marketing efforts. Reviews of these services, however, indicate that they are highly priced, often involve long-term contracts, and tend to deliver questionable SEO performance.

One reason a national legal marketing company may not be able to provide strong SEO results is that these organizations provide marketing services for a large number of attorneys in the same geographic region. When you work with a marketing company who does not offer geographic exclusivity, that company is most likely working for your competitors as well as for you. How can the promotion of your practice be a priority to an organization that also serves your competitors? It can’t. There is no incentive for this kind of marketing company to give you an edge over your competitors who are also their customers. The way they can promote your practice over others is simply by selling you a more expensive marketing package with more features than they sold to other attorneys in your region.

Another problem with national marketing services for law firms is that the content they provide has been criticized as failing to speak to a local market at best and being low quality at worst. As any current article on SEO will tell you, content is king. That means that providing thoughtful, original, well-written content that is relevant to your target audience and communicates something about the individuality of your practice is critical to your website’s ability to attract visitors. Creating this kind of content requires a specific focus on your legal practice rather than an attempt to produce one-size-fits-all articles for a vast number of attorneys.

Blue Frog Marketing provides customized marketing for your legal practice. When you work with us, we promise geographic exclusivity, which means that while we are working for you, we will not be promoting your competitors. We consider the success of your business to be success for ours. We also provide premium content creation that is tailored to your unique practice. We don’t sell you links; we do SEO right with high quality, original content that provides valuable information to your target audience. Give us a call to discuss how we can assist you in the marketing of your legal practice.

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