Dynamic Growth Model


Your business isn’t static, therefore your marketing shouldn’t be either. A business is dynamic that requires a sophisticated strategy with the ability to ebb and flow. At Blue Frog, we've taken HubSpot's Growth-Driven Design approach and successfully developed a process called the Dynamic Growth Model that removes the friction often found with traditional marketing and creates harmony through transparency, flexibility, and collaboration between teams. With the process encompassing strategic planning, implementation, analysis, and optimization, as well as understanding and utilizing in-depth analytics and digital marketing best practices, Blue Frog helps companies bridge the common the gap between sales and marketing by creating a tailored strategy with the entire business, sales process, and customer lifecycle in mind.

Dynamic Growth Model
Data-Driven Strategy with Impactful Results








Maximize Opportunities for Your Business

In order to carry out a successful strategy, you need to understand your business, your customers, and your gaps in order to implement an effective strategy. When working with our partners everything we do has a purpose and connects to a goal. This could be a very specific business goal on one end of the spectrum to a high-level goal of setting up a solid foundation.


Everything we do ties back every businesses’ main objective, which is for increased business opportunities and growth. In order to do this effectively, we help with navigating your gaps within a familiar formula most known by now which is increasing quality traffic, engaging and educating prospects, presenting intuitive conversion opportunities, with the end goal of increasing strong business opportunities.


Maximizing this formula can be achieved for your business through our Dynamic Growth Model. This model is built on flexibility and collaboration, proactive strategy, transparency and accountability, with the goal of impactful growth. 

Our Strategic Approach

Flexibility & Collaboration

Eliminating headaches of scope constraints to focus on the important conversations.

To execute a successful growth strategy, you need the flexibility to pivot your strategy as businesses and technology continually evolve. Being tied to a more traditional marketing scope causes a headache for all parties involved when the need to implement a new strategy arises mid-scope. The Dynamic Growth Model eliminates this stress by allowing access to our complete suite of services and resources. Our model is built for flexibility and collaboration to develop, iterate, and implement the strategic plan of action that works for you, all while avoiding the headache of readdressing scope.

Proactive & Strategic

Coming to you with the strategic roadmap.

Discovering that something within your marketing or sales efforts is not performing as you expected can cause a panic as you scramble to identify and solve the problem. Creating a long-term strategic roadmap and establishing clear goals is the first step to avoiding this kind of issue.

Once this is created then you can break it out into more consumable short-term goals, allowing for trial and error when testing and proactively managing the overall strategy and performance. The Dynamic Growth Model provides peace of mind to your team through the creation of these strategic roadmaps and goals, while also proactively monitoring and managing all of your strategic growth efforts

Transparency & Accountability

Complete visibility into all tactics and results.

No longer are the days of trying to interpret vague or complicated reports. The Dynamic Growth Model is built on transparency and accountability. You have complete visibility into all aspects of executing your growth strategy. From the team of experts collaborating on your account, to the time and effort required to execute the creative deliverables, and everything in between, The Dynamic Growth Model provides you complete visibility of your growth strategy. There will never be a question of how your strategy is being rolled out or how the performance of those items are impacting your short-term and long-term growth goals.

Impact & Growth

Generating a powerful strategy to enable growth.

You need an impactful strategy in order to enable growth as a business. There’s no silver bullet, it takes an ongoing long-term strategy through education, collaboration, extensive strategic and technical resources, implementation, testing, and optimization in order to see and sustain growth. The Dynamic Growth Model works with you to establish highly impactful tactics that are measurable and meet the objective of moving the needle for your business. Whether you are one person or a full-blown sales and marketing team, you can rest easy and focus on what you need knowing that all aspects of your sales and marketing strategy is taken care of through the Dynamic Growth Model. 



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