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ONE | A Potter's House Church


Religious Institution

Company Size

25-50 Employees


Los Angelos, CA

ONE, A Potter's House Church is a Christ-centered movement revolving around developing personal relationships with God. From their community groups, in person services, outreach events, ONE aims to embrace everyone, everywhere. With a strong online presence, they are able to provide accessible access to innovative ministry regardless of geography, background, or time zone.


The Challenge

Siloed Data Across Platforms

ONE Church was using several different platforms to manage various aspects of their member experiences. From participating in volunteer groups through Planning Center to making donations through Pushpay to managing email communications with ActiveCampaign, they had differing data related to the same individuals across platforms.

These disparate systems made it impossible for the ONE team to gain valuable insights into the actions their members take, and gain a full view of all activities individual members partake in.

Manual Processes

Many of the steps within their processes required a manual update to a contact record, or manually sending out different emails depending on interests. This was difficult for the team to maintain and scale as they grew their offerings and membership count.

ONE Church_siloed data before

The Solution

Connected Platforms with HubSpot

To bring ONE's systems together and provide a holistic view of their members, Blue Frog proposed utilizing HubSpot as the central source of truth for all data. This recommendation included optimizing their internal processes, adding automation to remove manual data entry and email sending where necessary.

To achieve ONE's goals, Blue Frog proposed a custom-built, multi-object, bi-directional integration with Planning Center and Pushpay. The integration involved syncing contacts, groups, check-ins, donations, and events between the two platforms.

The data flows bidirectionally from Planning Center and Pushpay into HubSpot using custom API integrations. HubSpot's custom-coded workflow actions were also utilized to sync data between the systems. 

Objects in Use

In order to properly optimize and recreate existing processes used by the ONE Church team, several custom objects were created. Added associations between objects enabled cross object analysis to occur along with personalization based on values of associated records.

For example, the ONE Church team can easily segment the database down to only send an email to any Contacts who are active in a particular Volunteering team by using the association between the objects and the "status" property tied to the records.



Person > Contacts

The Person object in Planning Center maps to HubSpot Contacts and is associated with Groups, Check-Ins, Events, and Deals. The sync is bi-directional and is used to manage details about an individual who is involved with the church.

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 15.59.28

Payments > Deals

The Funds and Payments objects in Pushpay map to HubSpot Deals and is associated with Contacts, and Tickets. The sync is one way from Pushpay to HubSpot and the data is used to manage the details for donations made by individuals.

Deals object mapping_ONE church

Volunteer Custom Object

To track which volunteer groups contacts are connected to, the Volunteer Teams and Volunteer Activities custom objects were created. The use of these objects and the process enabled within HubSpot removed the need for ActiveCampaign.

Volunteer object_one church

Groups Custom Object

The Groups object from Planning Center was recreated as a HubSpot custom object and is associated with Contacts and Events. The sync is bidirectional and the data is used to manage ONE's groups and facilitate communication with contacts associated to the groups.

Groups object mapping_ONE church


The Results

Automated Prayer Request Follow Up Process

Using a combination of HubSpot forms, emails, and workflows, Blue Frog helped ONE Church improve the team's ability to send personalized emails after an individual submits a prayer request. 

The workflow sends the contacts down different branches based on the subject matter of the requested prayer and sends a personalized follow up email with dedicated content relevant to the contact's request.


prayer request workflow

Automated Volunteer Journey Process

Previously, the ONE team had to manually send out a different email for each volunteer team when a members showed interest in joining a group.

By moving the process into HubSpot, now a single email goes out automatically and utilizes smart rules to dynamically adjust the information shared based on the volunteer group the member is interested in. 

The process also includes a series of workflows to set property values used for segmentation and to encourage the member to complete the next steps of the volunteer process.

volunteer journey process

Full 360 View of Individual Contacts

With HubSpot fully integrated with Pushpay and Planning Center, and several processes from ActiveCampaign recreated and optimized within HubSpot, the various ONE teams using HubSpot to manage processes and members can finally get a full picture of what their community is doing across all engagements.

From prayer requests, to volunteer membership, through donations made, and more, the team can now see everything a contact has done throughout their time as a member.

ONE Church_member journey after

This complete picture also enabled cross engagement reporting for the ONE team. Now they can identify which volunteer groups have higher donation levels than others, or the type of prayer requests they receive the most from certain membership groups.

Through HubSpot, the ONE team now has more data available to them to make better informed decisions for their church members.


ONE church_volunteers needed by active
ONE church_donations by team

The Future

With a better understanding of the various activities and engagements their members are participating in, the ONE Church team is able to make better informed decisions to provide more opportunities for membership engagement.

With a strong foundation in HubSpot, the ONE Church team's next endeavor is to create a custom membership portal within HubSpot. The goal of this project is to provide a single location where their members can log in to view current and past activities such as volunteer groups and donations. The portal will also provide the ONE Church team a convenient way to notify their members of updates or upcoming events.

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