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Highline Risk Solutions


Personal/Commercial Insurance

Company Size

3 Employees


New York, Connecticut, Oregon

The Challenge

In late summer 2021, Hurricane Ida devastated the Northeast. For Highline, a boutique insurance agency, this was a concerning and hectic time. A personal touch, rapid response times, and exceptional relationship building set Highlight apart from its competitors.

When disasters had struck in the past, the Highline team worked long hours doing manual outreach to their hundreds of clients in addition to trying to provide customer care for the large number of claims coming in. This inefficient process caused Highline’s overworked team to fall short in providing the high level of responsiveness their clients expected, damaging the rapport they had built.

The Solution

As the storm waned and people had begun to assess damages, the Blue Frog team worked with Highline to compose an email to send to the northeastern Highline customers. The goal of the email campaign was to check in on customers, ensure they’re ok, and offer a helping hand if needed. In a matter of an hour, Blue Frog wrote the email, got approval for the content, cleansed and imported Highline’s customer list to HubSpot, built a workflow to automate the outreach, and sent the emails to all Highline’s affected customers.

The Results

The Highline team received a lot of positive feedback about this effort, and the email performed very well. It was sent to Highline’s more than 200 active customers in the affected area. 75% of recipients opened the email, and 23 recipients sent replies to the Highline team, mostly confirming they were ok and thanking Highline for their prompt contact and concern. Some recipients even called the team directly.

The automated process eliminated the need for manual touches, saving the team days of work. This was a huge weight off their shoulders and allowed them to focus on client claims and satisfaction.

The Path Forward

The Highline team was struggling to scale their client outreach efficiently and effectively. Blue Frog’s use of HubSpot automation tools freed the team to properly take care of all their clients in a time of great need. Blue Frog will continue to work with Highline to implement automations and scale outreach in an efficient and timely manner.

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