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Insurance company becomes SEO leader with Blue Frog



ELCO Mutual is a life insurance and annuities products provider located in the Chicago area. ELCO has been in business for more than 70 years. The company owes much of its success to its team’s dedication to customer service.

The Challenge

Hedrick Construction, an Iowa roofing installation and repairs specialist partnered with Blue Frog to build their online presence and improve overall website functionality. Despite seeing gradual increases in organic traffic, their website growth was stagnated by the overwhelming amount of technical SEO issues present on the site. In order to further grow their online traffic and website performance, they needed to address their stagnant traffic and establish a better way to monitor SEO.

The Solution

Blue Frog’s expertise in website design and development paired with the built-in SEO tools and capability of HubSpot’s CMS platform enabled the team to resolve and prevent over 85% of the technical issues across the site in only two months. Since implementation, the website began to reap the rewards of proper website optimization, with an overall growth of 38% in organic search traffic and a 221% increase in search impressions.


Decrease in sitewide issues


Increase in search impressions


Increase in organic traffic


Website health score for over 7 months

The Results

With the help of HubSpot, Blue Frog created a strong website that could maintain technical site health without constant updates. The built-in optimization features of HubSpot’s CMS Hub provided Hedrick with continuous site monitoring allowing Hedrick to utilize many impactful technical SEO resolutions.


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