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ELCO Mutual is a life insurance and annuities products provider located in the Chicago area. ELCO has been in business for more than 70 years. The company owes much of its success to its team’s dedication to customer service.

The Challenge

ELCO Mutual comprises several different departments, each with its own purpose. The claims department processes claims; the agency department oversees agent recruitment and development; the general help department addresses the miscellaneous requests ELCO receives through its forms; and the sales department sells annuities and life insurance and makes sure their products are rolled out. These diverse teams have to work in synergy to support ELCO Mutual’s success and top-tier service reputation.

During monthly meetings, the Blue Frog and ELCO teams review form submissions and discuss the quality of the leads that come in. ELCO repeatedly reported that most of the form submissions could have been handled more efficiently if the users had filled out the servicing forms that are available on the website. Additionally, all the form submissions were going to a single inbox, creating the unnecessary busy work of manually sorting through submissions, forwarding them to the correct department, and following up with each department to make sure users’ needs are taken care of. To solve these issues, Blue Frog took a different approach to ELCO’s online forms.



The Solution

To enhance efficiency for ELCO and their end users, Blue Frog created a dynamic form that allows users to identify themselves in the first two questions. Form fields then populate that are relevant to how each user identifies themselves. Next, a workflow sends a form submission notification to the user and to the appropriate department based on how the user identifies their needs.

This is a tremendous improvement over ELCO’s old process of manually sifting through form submissions and then forwarding them to the correct departments. Not only does it reduce the time ELCO’s team spends manually sorting submissions, but it also provides users with a better experience. Form fields are customized to each user’s needs, and form submissions reach the right departments for immediate follow up. Their new form also automatically keeps the properties of the new contacts who submit the form updated from the start since they are identifying themselves and what they’re reaching out to ELCO for.


The new form solved several issues for the ELCO team:

  • Reduced time spent on form submissions by rerouting users to the appropriate servicing forms
  • Keeps new contacts’ properties updated, since they are the ones identifying themselves based on their needs
  • Allows the ELCO team to focus more on issues that require their intervention
  • Improves user experience on ELCO’s website by populating forms with fields that are relevant to the individual.




Increase in page views


Increase in submissions


Increase in form submission conversion rate

The Results

After implementing the new online forms, ELCO saw the following improvements:

  • 185% increase in page views on the servicing forms, indicating users were successfully rerouted on the website
  • 100% increase in submissions on the servicing forms page
  • 280% increase in the form submission conversion rate, suggesting increased user confidence that ELCO would take care of their needs
  • More time spent in monthly meetings talking about the qualified form submissions, how users arrived at the site, and what made them convert

In the life insurance industry, customer service is everything. Once a policy is sold, it’s not very often a policy holder has contact with the life insurance company, so it is important to field every customer, sales, or agency request with extremely good service. One experience could be the difference between losing a customer and making them a loyal client for life.

The Future

As Blue Frog moves into 2022 with ELCO Mutual, we will continue to seek out ways to improve user experience on their website. The life insurance industry is extremely competitive, so we are always working with ELCO to ensure that whenever a user lands on their website, whether for the first time or as an existing agent or customer, they have a good experience.

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