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Migration from Zendesk to HubSpot provided immediate value through process efficiencies and enhanced reporting.

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Georgetown, TX

Brush Claims is a trusted partner in the insurtech space with over 30 years of industry experience and innovative technology that delivers a top-tier claims experience. Their goal is to revolutionize insurance claims with cutting-edge tech and exceptional service.


The Challenges & Goals

Brush Claims was using Zendesk to manage their service team and ticketing functions. After only a couple years of basic usage, the team found the platform to be overpriced, underutilized, and lacking necessary functionality to help their team be efficient.

The complexity of the platform (Zendesk) made it challenging for newcomers within our organization to quickly grasp how to use it effectively. This led to a longer learning curve and decreased productivity during the onboarding process.

Fred Powell | Brush Claims

Some of the challenges Brush Claims encountered included difficulty configuring a chatbot, automating ticket assignments, effectively utilizing SLAs, and providing customers visibility into tickets in progress.


A highly functional chatbot was important to the Brush Claims leadership because it would allow customers to find answers to common, simple questions and free their team to focus time and effort on complex issues, saving time for the company and its customers alike. However, the Zendesk chatbot feature was difficult to configure and provided minimal functionality. It could only identify specific keywords within inquiries and ignored additional phrasing.

Ticket Creation & Assignment

The Zendesk configuration didn’t allow automatic ticket assignment between multiple teams or automated movement of escalated tickets to a higher priority pipeline. As a result, Brush Claims employees had to manually assign and route tickets as they came in, prolonging response time and diverting employees’ focus from other tasks. In their search for a new system, the ability to automate complex routing to teams for a seamless ticket escalation process was a high priority.


The SLA (service level agreements) options in Zendesk were strict and didn’t allow for pausing in certain situations such as when a ticket is escalated to a higher priority team. Brush Claims wanted to create a corporate SLA policy, but lacked the solid data necessary to establish accurate benchmarking. Receiving good reporting from SLA data would provide a great benefit for the departments tasked with responding to inquires and allow leadership to identify successes, retraining opportunities, and areas in which process improvements may be necessary.

Customer Insight on Tickets

With the Zendesk process, Brush Claims customers didn’t have visibility into the status of their tickets, so they couldn’t tell whether their issues were being worked on or what progress had been made. Brush Claims wanted to increase customer satisfaction by providing this visibility.

Data Inconsistencies

The Brush Claims team lacked a strong working knowledge of Zendesk and struggled with the process challenges the platform created. Those challenges often led to data inconsistencies and duplicated records, making it difficult to track ticket history or gain meaningful reporting from the platform. 

One of the main challenges we faced was that we were not utilizing all the available features of Zendesk. While it offers a comprehensive set of tools, we found that many of them were unnecessary for Brush Claims. This resulted in a cluttered interface and made it difficult for our team to navigate and find the features that were relevant to our workflow.

Fred Powell | Brush Claims

When implementing HubSpot, it was important to Brush Claims to migrate select data, such as their knowledge base, while optimizing their processes with valuable features and automations.


The Solution & Results

When Brush Claims came to Blue Frog, thorough conversations were had to develop a personalized timeline and approach for logically configuring HubSpot to meet their business needs in a timely fashion.

Data Migration & Cleansing

Blue Frog started by helping Brush Claims map the most important data to bring into HubSpot and creating the necessary properties to capture that information. Extracting the data from Zendesk was a difficult process, but once exported and reformatted, Blue Frog cleansed and migrated the information to HubSpot, associating tickets from Zendesk with the contacts that were brought over.

Ticketing Pipeline & Workflow

Next, Blue Frog tackled the ticketing pipeline. The stages of Brush Claims’ existing pipeline were not effectively capturing ticket status. We talked with the Brush Claims team about the typical journey of a ticket and then built pipeline stages that better reflected their internal process. To facilitate ticket escalation, we helped the Brush Claims team build a workflow to notify a specific team member when a ticket was escalated and needed additional support.

We are seeing major benefits with the automated pipeline statuses. We have been able to build internal escalations, so as a team we can better support our users. HubSpot has also allowed us to have clean reporting which gives management a true view of ticket status.

Fred Powell | Brush Claims

Centralized Communication

To prepare the portal for new service requests, Blue Frog worked with Brush Claims to connect their various messaging sources as channels to the correct inboxes in HubSpot. These sources included various email addresses, live chat and automated chatbots, a form, and Facebook messenger. To facilitate internal communication, Blue Frog helped to integrate Brush Claims’ Slack and Dial Pad accounts to HubSpot.

Brush Claims_Connected Communications

Working with Blue Frog has been amazing. The team is very personable, available, and understanding of our company needs.

Fred Powell | Brush Claims

Improved Functionality

Due to HubSpot’s ease of use, the Brush Claims team was quick to learn the platform and start much of the configuration on their own. The team successfully transferred and re-built their knowledge base and the customer portal through HubSpot. After some consultation with Blue Frog, Brush Claims was able to build and launch a chatbot with the operational functionality they’d been missing.

Finally, the team configured their desired SLA requirements for the different pipelines and launched feedback surveys. Now, they are gathering beneficial data regarding their customers’ satisfaction and experience with the IT team.

Instantly we are seeing monetary benefits, but management has also been able to see just how customizable HubSpot can be, which is very beneficial to our company.

Fred Powell | Brush Claims

Brush Claims_Knowledge Base

While Brush Claims struggled to adopt necessary Zendesk functionality, HubSpot made the process of configuring everything they needed to operate seamlessly an easy process to follow and adopt.

With the ease of setting SLAs per pipeline and the efficient process of automating ticket escalations, Brush Claims can now obtain valuable data into how their team is performing and identify opportunities for improvements in their process and retraining needs.



Brush Claims set dedicated SLAs for different departments and ticket pipelines. This allows the team to better manage expectations per pipeline and team while monitoring performance over time.

SLA Settings

Automated Chat Flow

In addition to several other channels, Brush Claims was able to utilize a custom built chat flow that provides users with a method of self-service before requesting direct communication with a team member.

Chat flow

Feedback Surveys

In addition to SLA tracking for internal purposes, Brush Claims utilized HubSpot feedback surveys to obtain satisfaction results from customers after a ticket or conversation is closed.

Feedback Surveys

Reporting Dashboards

With all of their processes in place, Brush Claims was able to utilize HubSpot's custom reporting capabilities to monitor the team's performance and ticket outcomes. Through dashboards, the team can easily see all relevant data per team and pipeline in one centralized location and share with leadership when needed.

Report Dashboard


Decrease in time to first response


SLAs completed on time


Decrease in time to close a ticket


Customer satisfaction rate

Valuable Insights

One of the most impactful metrics Brush Claims monitors are the SLA statuses for how long it takes their reps to first reply to a new ticket, and how long it takes to close.

In ZenDesk, a majority of their tickets would "break" the SLA timeframe and be considered overdue, largely due to the lack of customization around when SLAs started or paused.

Since adopting HubSpot, only 1 ticket has been marked as overdue in the SLA status.

Through HubSpot's ease of use, the more the Brush Claims team used the tools, the more their results improved. Between two months of use in HubSpot, the team saw a 69% decrease in time to first response and a 60% decrease in time to close a ticket.

With access to these valuable metrics, Brush Claims can ensure each team member has the support they need to succeed in their role.

The Future

Following the successful migration to HubSpot, Brush Claims continues to work with Blue Frog as a trusted partner to onboard its sister company, Hubvia. Hubvia will have its own HubSpot portal complete with similar Service Hub functionality.

Brush Claims continues to express their appreciation for the ease of use the HubSpot platform has provided their team. As a result, the team has experienced higher levels of user adoption and tool proficiency, leading to easier employee training and onboarding as the team continues to grow.

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