How one platform removed inefficiencies and aligned multiple teams






Commercial Process Engineering and Construction/Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Company Size

128 Employees


West Des Moines, IA

The Challenge

Bratney’s antiquated marketing and sales processes created disjointed, duplicate, and inaccurate data. Each sales rep had their own silo of information: they kept records in their personal email, spreadsheets, and even on scraps of paper. This led to miscommunications, overlooked and forgotten tasks, and very little leadership insight into teams’ activities.

The lack of information available to leaders made it difficult to forecast sales and make well informed, data-driven business decisions. Inability to monitor activity to identify teachable moments for their teams and lead the business into the future with transparent and accessible data makes long-term, sustained growth nearly impossible.

The Solution

To combat the lack of visibility and continuity among teams, Bratney added HubSpot to their tech stack and partnered with Blue Frog for implementation and ongoing marketing services. The Blue Frog team was able to compile, cleanse, input, and structure Bratney’s data in HubSpot, giving their entire team greater visibility and ease of use. After the initial data migration was complete, Blue Frog conducted a full-team training to bring everybody up to speed. The entire team was fully using HubSpot in a matter of weeks.

The Results

Blue Frog revolutionized Bratney’s marketing and sales processes within a matter of weeks by taking a well-defined, step-by-step approach to the data transfer, implementation, and training process. Blue Frog’s HubSpot implementation and detail-driven onboarding process eliminated duplicate contacts and forgotten tasks while providing Bratney’s leadership more data to analyze and use for decision-making than ever before.

The Future

With a foundation of well structured and accessible client data, Bratney was ready to accelerate their go-to-market approach. Following a similar step-by-step implementation process, Blue Frog added ZoomInfo to feed Bratney’s system, providing unmatched data and visibility that is enabling them to take their revenue operations into the 21st century.

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