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Commercial Process Engineering and Construction/Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Company Size

128 Employees


West Des Moines, IA

The Challenge

Bratney’s process for intaking new project leads from their sales reps for leadership review was manual, slow, and out of date, creating headaches for all involved. Multiple manual steps resulted in redundancies and data inaccuracies throughout the process.

Before implementing with Blue Frog’s solution, Bratney’s process included the following steps:

  • Sales rep speaks with prospect, collects information, and puts the information into a Word document.
  • The Word document is shared with sales leader, who will either approve or deny it.
    • If denied, the form is sent back to the rep to collect more information and start the process again.
    • If approved, the sales leader transfers the information from the Word doc into a spreadsheet.
  • The sales leader reviews the spreadsheet with other leaders in a weekly meeting. If the group decides to bid on the project, they then share the spreadsheet with a member of the accounting team.
  • The accounting team member manually creates a bid number for internal tracking.

The Solution

Blue Frog was able to automate Bratney’s intake process by implementing of HubSpot forms and workflows. The process now requires only minimal manual touches at review points. The new, streamlines process looks like this:

  • Sales rep fills out a web form with client information. At this point, the contact information is autofilled from HubSpot CRM to eliminate duplicate data.
  • The submitted form is sent to sales leader, who can approve or deny the request with a click of a button.
    • If denied, the sales rep receives an email with markers indicating where more information is needed. After the rep makes the requested changes, they email the form back to the sales leader for another review.
    • If approved, the system automatically creates a ticket and places into a bucket for review in the weekly leadership meeting.
  • If leadership approves a bid, the system sends a notification to the accounting team to add a bid number. The addition of a bid number creates a HubSpot deal and automatically places in the sales funnel.


The Results

The use of HubSpot workflows improved efficiency and data structure in Bratney’s leads process. After implementing this automated process, Bratney no longer had to deal with incorrect or duplicate information from manual data entry, and the process that used to take days can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

The Future

With a new and improved leads process, Bratney plans to implement this leads process in all their areas of expertise, besides just construction. They look forward to using this process for many years to come and will be implementing many more HubSpot features into their business practices.

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