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The professionals at Blue Frog Marketing share their insight and expertise in our extensive library of free eBooks. From basic tips to advanced techniques, our resources give you the tools you need to refine your marketing skills and grow your business.

What does a marketing fitness plan look like?

When utilizing inbound marketing, you must take the whole business into account. Imagine a fitness plan. To get healthier, you need to incorporate several strategies into your regular routine to make a long-term difference. In this ebook, learn about the strategies that inbound marketing incorporates on a regular basis in order to deliver the best possible results for your business!

Reasons to Outsource Online Marketing 

Learn about the importance of maintaining an active online presence and four major benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing activities.

How to Improve SEO with Marketing Analytics 

Effective analysis of your strategies and results is critical to gaining the insight you need to get the most out of your marketing investment.

How can I Use SEO to Boost Sales 

Learn how to get your website appropriately recognized by search engines and increase traffic, leads, and sales.

7 Essential Elements Your Website Is Missing 

An effective website should attract new visitors, nurture leads, and boost sales. If yours isn’t doing its job, it may be missing some of these key elements.

6 Lies You've Heard from SEO Agencies 

SEO is a powerful tool to enhance your business’ online presence and increase sales, but it isn’t a quick fix. Be alert to ways agencies might misrepresent what it really takes to successfully implement an SEO strategy.

CAUTION: Is Your Content Under Control? 

Understanding how different types of content can fit into your business marketing strategy and how to effectively promote them is essential to getting the most out of your content marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads Made Easy! 

Facebook ads can be a great way to get your brand in front of a targeted audience. Learn about which kinds of ads can most effectively help you reach your business goals and how to design them for success.

The Ultimate Lead Generation Guide 

If your website isn’t generating the number of leads you’d like, this guide is for you. Learn what types of content, offers, and landing page features can help you collect more leads online.

How to Master Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

The Google AdWords Search Network can help your business get noticed. Learn how to use it effectively.

SEO Checklist 

Our simple checklist will help you understand the steps you need to take to make your website easily identifiable by search engines and get your brand in front of more interested viewers.

Guide to Overcoming Business Challenges with Inbound Marketing 

Learn how inbound marketing can help your business attract more website visitors, generate leads, and nurture them into becoming customers.

How to Create a Successful Website 

To build a successful website, you need to pay attention to several different factors, including design, functionality, content, SEO, and more. Learn what you need to know to get your site up to speed.

Email Marketing Checklist 

Our checklist will guide you through the steps you should take every time you send out a business email to get the most out of your efforts.

#1 Salesperson

A good website is much more than a digital billboard; it should be your best employee. In our free eBook, we examine questions to ask about your current website design and ways to transform your site into your #1 salesperson.

Outsource Social Media

In this digital age, it’s important for a small business to have an active online presence on relevant social media platforms. But why outsource? In this free eBook, we discuss four major ways small businesses can benefit!

Writing for Your Audience

To effectively market your business online, you must first identify your audience, and then create a steady flow of quality content that speaks to them. Blue Frog shares tips for crafting an online marketing strategy that attracts your ideal customers while boosting your website’s SEO to get your brand in front of more eyes.

eBook: Website sales

Landing pages can be highly effective tools for converting your website visitors into leads. They allow you to provide something of value to your website visitors in exchange for information about them. Learn how to optimize your landing pages to increase your form submissions and capture information that will help you to effectively nurture the leads that you generate into customers for your business.

FREE Calls-To-Action eBook

Learn how to create attention-grabbing calls to action that lead website visitors through the buying cycle to become leads, customers, and even promoters of your brand. Get tips on crafting compelling offers, effective CTA placement, and analyzing the success of your efforts.

FREE Direct Mail eBook

Direct mail can be a valuable tool to increase the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy. Learn how to craft direct mail pieces that capture your audience’s attention and spur them to action as well as how to gauge and maximize the success of your direct mail efforts.

Lead Generation eBook

A lead generation campaign is a complex machine that requires expertise to operate effectively. Learn how to create enticing offers tailored to different stages of the buyer’s journey as well as how to present them in ways that will capture viewers’ attention. Also get tips on optimizing your landing pages to increase form submissions.

Facebook Marketing

A platform that captures over 90% of the U.S. adult audience is not one you can afford to ignore. Learn how to make a great first impression, determine your target audience, and create posts that will attract viewers and get them talking on Facebook.

FREE Commercial Printing eBook

Learn the language of commercial printing! Understanding the basics of a standard print order will help you to order your print materials effectively and get exactly the products you envision. Learn about dimensions, paper stocks, coatings, color, and more.

FREE EBOOK: Creating a Successful Website

Your company’s website should be its best employee. Learn how to make your website an interactive extension of your business that can provide valuable information when users need it, attract new visitors, demonstrate your company’s expertise, and help to build relationships with potential customers.

FREE eBook -- LinkedIn for Business

Regularly devoting just a little time to your LinkedIn profile can help you build a professional online presence and make valuable business connections. Learn the basics of how to get the most out of this powerful online networking tool.

25 Website Must-Haves for Driving Traffic, Leads, & Sales

A well functioning website is essential to a strong digital presence and acts as a hub for all of your online activity. Learn about the 25 things your website needs to drive traffic, leads, and sales!

Inbound Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

Because legal cannabis is a newly emerging industry, marijuana businesses have a rare opportunity to grow their online presence before the competition intensifies.