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Meet the strategists, designers, writers, and printers behind Blue Frog.

John Campbell
John CampbellPresident
I’ve founded three companies throughout my career, building each from initial concept to profitability. I enjoy traveling and spending time with my wife, son, and two Weimaraners, Penny and Piper.

Blue Frog isn’t just another outsourced marketing firm. We’re a strategic partner dedicated to expanding the success of every business we work with.

Greg Hensel
Greg HenselVP Channel Marketing
I work out of our office in Huron, Ohio. My background is in print, advertising, and digital marketing.

I like how our team’s expertise encompasses a wide range of marketing activities, including inbound marketing, graphic and web design, blogging, social media management, technical writing, email marketing, direct mail, printing, and fulfillment.

Tyler Scott
Tyler ScottPrint Marketing Manager
I’m a sports fanatic. I try to attend as many Iowa State football and basketball games as I possibly can as well as Minnesota Wild games whenever I’m not playing hockey myself.

My favorite part about working at Blue Frog is getting to work alongside other fun and career-driven employees. It’s fun to be part of a growing business, too!

Kelsey Meyer
Kelsey MeyerInbound Marketing Strategist
I am constantly smiling and laughing. As a runner and yogi, you’re bound to find me out in the sunshine. My intense love of animals often leads me astray; I’d drop just about anything to snuggle and play with a pup!

I really love how every person at Blue Frog has his or her own unique set of talents. Together, we complete a whole puzzle.

Kelsey Halverson
Kelsey HalversonStrategic Account Manager
During basketball season, I’m the spokesmodel for the Iowa Energy and cohost all the home games. I’m also a hot yoga, bagel, diet coke, and dog (even though I don’t have one of my own yet) fanatic!

I like how all our employees truly work together as a team to provide clients a large variety of valuable resources. I also enjoy all the candy and coffee we always have in the office.

Laura Stroup
Laura StroupInbound Marketing Strategist
I work in Blue Frog’s Denver office and am a true Coloradan. I’m a huge Denver Broncos fan and love to go skiing as much as possible!

I love using HubSpot’s marketing software at Blue Frog. Our team collaborates on all of our accounts, which I also love. Combining HubSpot and team collaboration gives us the ability to produce amazing results for our clients!

Micah Hartmann
Micah HartmannCreative Specialist
I love sunshine, finding new trails to run, hiking, and traveling with family and friends to explore new places. And I’m a little obsessed with iced coffee.

I love getting to work on such a variety of projects for different clients. It’s definitely not a slow-paced job. There’s always work to do, which makes time fly! We also have a fun, laid-back crew here, which makes coming to work every day enjoyable.

Erin Menardi
Erin MenardiCreative Specialist
Lover of good coffee, good kerning, sparkles, and the mountains. Hippie at heart. Pet mom to Bernie, the laziest greyhound in Des Moines, and Honeybun, the world’s most annoying 6-pound cat. (I love her anyway.)

The culture at Blue Frog is one to be envious of. Between the flexible hours, remote workspaces, dog-friendly offices, group outings, and all-around good vibes, I genuinely enjoy hanging out with my coworkers each day.

Dustin Miller
Dustin MillerCreative Specialist
I enjoy hanging out with my friends, catching a movie on a Saturday night, and biking around the city of Des Moines. When I’m not doing any of that, I’m at home reading a book or just hanging out with my fiancée.

What I like most about Blue Frog is the variety of projects that I have the opportunity to work on. The differences really help keep my job interesting and fast paced.

Diane Campbell
Diane CampbellEditor
I must love school because I’ve spent 23 years as a student and five as a teacher. This job is ideal for me because I get to research, write, and correct other people’s work while learning new things every day.

I appreciate our team-oriented culture and the ability to work remotely, which saves me substantial time, money, and energy and gives me more time with family.

Levi Creamer
Levi CreamerSales Associate
I enjoy being outdoors, hunting and fishing, and dirt track racing in my free time. On the weekends I like hanging out with my friends and having a few cocktails.

I enjoy working in a user-friendly environment. I always know my team will have my back when anything at all is ever needed.

Randy Easter
Randy EasterBindery Operator
I enjoy fishing and gardening (especially tomatoes)! I love watching Antique Roadshow and am starting to collect as many amphora pieces as I can. I was even an antique dealer once upon a time.

I like working at Blue Frog because it’s a small, young, self-made company, and the relationships we have with each other are personal and friendly.

Nikki Wilson
Nikki WilsonPrint Coordinator
My favorite activity by far is enjoying a healthy workout session with my three amazing children. Three of my other loves are sports, cooking, and painting. My new fur baby, King, has been a great addition to our family.

We have a “think outside the box” atmosphere! Sitting on yoga balls and bringing our dogs to work are just a couple of the perks. We are very much like family instead of simply business colleagues.

Julie Lofdahl
Julie LofdahlSales Associate
I enjoy watching and playing sports in my free time. (I’m much better at the former than the latter.) My favorite team is the Chicago Cubs—and this started well before 2016! I also like spending time with my dogs, Ernie and Maddux, and my cats, Waveland and Addison.

Blue Frog is a great place to work because of the people. We truly have a team environment where everyone helps everyone.

BernieOffice K9
Hoomans: dis my first bio. I love hooman food, my hoomans and my little cat friend. When I’m not working I’m sleeping. Sometimes I get zoomies, but not for too long. I am a dog.

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