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About WD Door

WD Door is a locally owned and operated company in Ankeny that installs and repairs commercial and residential garage doors throughout Central Iowa.
Their service is top-notch, and their work is masterful. While the skill and customer service were both there, WD Door wasn’t bringing in the leads they knew they potentially could. When we started working with them, they believed phone book listings were the ideal way to advertise their services to the entire Des Moines metro area, their target market. Due to spending a remarkably large amount of money on print directory advertising, however, WD Door was left with very little budget for their online marketing efforts.

Web Design

We redesigned WD Door’s website, turning their somewhat-stagnant site into a vibrant, dynamic online presence. It now reflects their strong brand, provides useful and helpful information for customers, and offers visitors numerous ways to connect with them.

Search Engine Optimization

WD Door wanted to be more visible online, so we began researching and monitoring target keywords their customers were using to find them via search engines. Within 18 months of their website redesign, we tracked and analyzed 1,000 keywords. Of the keywords we tracked, we found that
  • 311 appeared in the top three Google search results
  • 599 appeared on the first page of Google search results
From 2015 to halfway through 2016, WD Door’s organic website traffic increased by 60%! Additionally, 58 of their visitors converted into leads for their business, an increase of 176% from the year before.
Due to their overwhelming success, WD Door no longer spends a penny on phone book advertising.

“With how much time, energy and technical knowledge it takes to remain competitive and effective online these days, it’s worth every penny we spend on marketing and advertising to put our trust in these people to remain profitable, successful and keep our valued customers satisfied and loyal.”

Allison Peet, WD Door

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