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About Fiercely FIT

Gina DePhillips started her Fiercely Fit business back in 2014. Her goal was to empower people to transform their lives through fitness and healthy living. She also wanted to create a community where like-minded women could come together and be challenged and encouraged.
Gina originally relied heavily on Facebook and her circle of influence to grow her business. She decided she wanted to expand her marketing message beyond her current connections, so she asked us to build her a website to help generate more leads.
Fiercely FIT Web Design

Web Design

Fiercely Fit partnered with Blue Frog Marketing to develop a contemporary website designed for its target audience. We created a clean, easy-to-navigate site with, of course, plenty of glam, glitter, and gold. The colors, photos, graphics, and fonts chosen, as well as the writing style across all of the pages are consistent with Fiercely Fit's brand and support its message.

Social Strategy

To increase Fiercely Fit’s social media presence, we developed a social media and Facebook advertising strategy. In the first 30 days of working with Blue Frog, Fiercely Fit saw great success.

50,881 Impressions

362 Engagements

178 Link clicks

Fiercely FIT Social Media

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