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About Elliott Aviation

Elliott Aviation is a family-owned business that provides full-service aviation solutions to customers across the U.S.
They have three service centers in the States: Minneapolis, Moline, and Des Moines. Their services include aircraft sales, avionics, maintenance, appraisals, charter/flight, and paint and interior design. Elliott Aviation is widely known for its high quality, uncompromising integrity, and excellent customer service. Elliott Aviation needed a way to connect with customers in a fun, engaging way.
Leading Edge Magazine

Leading Edge Lifestyle Magazine

We developed a high-end lifestyle magazine that directly caters to customers’ interests and advertises for Elliott Aviation at the same time. Leading Edge contains intriguing stories about luxury travel destinations, extreme sports, cutting-edge technology, the latest fashion trends, extravagant automobiles, and world-renowned events.
Our content writers pen the stories, and our graphic designers bring the spreads to life. A portion of Leading Edge is written by experts at Elliott Aviation, designated to exciting aviation news and behind-the-scenes happenings at the three service centers. Magazines are available in waiting rooms and at trade shows and are used as sales leave behinds.
Leading Edge captures the attention of Elliott’s target audience in a unique and innovative way.

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