Hubspot or Wordpress

Select the option that best fits your current situation

1. How often do you publish a new blog post?*



Every 3-6 Months

Once a Year or Less

I'm not interested in having a blog

2. How many contacts are in your CRM?*

Fewer than 100

Between 100 to 1,000

More than 1,000

I don't have a CRM, but would like to explore available options

I don't have a CRM, nor do I want one

3. What CMS is your current website built on?*


Hubspot CMS



Other or Unsure

4. Will you be utilizing landing pages to drive traffic/increase conversions?*




5. Does your website have an online shop? If so, approximately how many products are in it?*

No online shop, nor do I need one

No online shop, but I need one

Yes, fewer than 50 products

Yes, between 50 - 250 products

Yes, more than 250 products

6. Which is most important to you?*

In-depth analytics, metrics and benchmarks

Having completely custom website functionalities (non-templated)

Keeping my content up-to-date and SEO-friendly

Establishing a web presence as soon as possible

Having the ability to easily make updates in the future

7. Which option best describes your current situation?*

My website is on the Hubspot CMS, it just needs a makeover

I use Hubspot, but my website is elsewhere

I'm not looking for inbound services, just a new website

I need more personalized, strategic guidance to help determine my best route forward

Wordpurse? Hubslop? I don't even have a web presence yet

8. Which best describes you?*

I'm very familiar with Hubspot's blog post and landing page editor

I'm somewhat familiar with Hubspot's content editor

I am not familiar with Hubspot's content editor or Wordpress' backend

I am somewhat familiar with Wordpress' backend

I am very familiar with Wordpress' backend

9. Which factor is most important in determining your search engine ranking position?*

Keyword Strategy

Content Strategy

Technical Items (speed, security, etc.)


Interactivity (calculators, games, quizzes, etc.)

10. What is your primary interest in Hubspot?*

All of the inbound features, including the CMS platform

Speed and security of the platform

It looks cool and hip

I am not interested in Hubspot

The full marketing suite

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