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Job Description

Blue Frog is seeking a content strategist to join our creative team. The individual in this role will create a long-term content plan for each client, map the strategy to the client’s business needs and the client’s target audience’s wants, provide content specialists the research-driven information and support they need to write effective content that fulfills the strategy, and ensure the content department’s responsibilities are met as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This individual will also work closely with the analytics team to ensure the strategy is meeting its target goals and to conduct A/B testing. Based on ongoing data analysis, this individual will make necessary adjustments to each client’s content strategy.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • Work closely with director of creative services, members of Blue Frog leadership who are on discovery calls with potential clients, and/or the clients themselves to determine and record client pain points, challenges, conversion opportunities, and goals. The content strategist will present these findings and any industry knowledge pertinent to understanding the client to the Blue Frog team.
  • During and following the client kickoff call, determine and document the client’s competitors, key differentiators, weaknesses, and ideal/target audience and their pain points.
  • Determine which of the client’s current content pieces are ranking for their target keywords and analyze them for common themes.
  • Lead the buyer persona conversation with the client. Use the information collected on the call plus the previous research to map out user pathways for each persona that end in a conversion opportunity for each stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Serve as a consultant during sitemap creation for all website projects.
  • Compile all client information and research to form the client’s content strategy. Present the content strategy to the content specialist, writers, and any other creative producer assigned to the client to help develop messaging and content that resonates with and motivates the ideal/target audience to take a desired action.
  • Be available for consultation and support for both the writer and client during the content phase. Review internally-produced content outlines before they are sent to the client for approval. Join the content specialist on client calls to provide strategy and best practice insight. Review all content for quality assurance.
  • Oversee the management and training of the content department. Implement documented processes including templates and resources. Perform content reviews and provide detailed feedback on areas to improve from a strategic perspective. Train new hires and make sure the content team is up to date on best practices.
  • Manage the blogging and downloadable content strategy for all clients. Determine blog topics, the number of blog posts that should be published each month, and the outsourced writer assigned to each client. Develop a backlink strategy for each client.
  • Oversee internal Blue Frog content. Write or assign Blue Frog blog posts. Manage Blue Frog guest blogging strategy and develop a content calendar. Periodically optimize top traffic organic posts and insert relevant content and offer upgrades. Create Blue Frog email newsletter. Perform ongoing Blue Frog content audits. Determine topic clusters and write or assign pillar pages as needed.
  • Work closely with the marketing analyst to perform content A/B testing and make sure each client’s content strategy is effectively meeting goals. Adjust content strategy accordingly.
  • Complete content portion of all client website audits. Provide content deliverable recommendations for all client proposals and renewals.
  • Participate in ongoing online training courses to keep up with current best practices and industry standards.

Job Requirements

  • Educational and/or working background in writing
  • High level of proficiency with a variety of writing forms, including business documents, online content, case studies, and technical writing
  • Excellent grammar skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong self-management and multitasking skills
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to produce quality work on tight deadlines
  • Ability to efficiently research and write about a broad range of topics
  • Working proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, including Word and Excel

Position Information

  • This is a full-time position located at our office in Waukee, IA
  • Please provide a resume and cover letter when applying for this position

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