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Inbound Marketing Strategies to Conquer 3 Common Challenges

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Jan 12, 2018 3 min. read

Your business faces several challenges every day. While some hurdles are harder to clear than others, figuring out how to best market your products and services doesn’t have to keep you up all night. ...

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Inbound Marketing Agency Partner

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Jan 5, 2018 3 min. read

To pick the best inbound marketing agency for you and your business, you need to do your research. This is crucial because you’ll be investing your money—and more importantly, your trust—with them. ...

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How to Set Up a Persona in HubSpot

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Jan 2, 2018 2 min. read

If you aren’t familiar with what buyer personas are, basically they are a way for you turn your ideal customer into a fictional character. This helps you to visualize them as a living, breathing ...

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How to Set Up Messaging for Google My Business

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Dec 26, 2017 2 min. read

Google My Business has a feature that allows customers to chat with someone directly at your business. You’ve probably Googled a business before and clicked “call” to call them directly without ...

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Set SMART Inbound Marketing Goals for the New Year

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Dec 21, 2017 2 min. read

The SMART goals approach is a great way to establish manageable goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based. Inbound marketing agencies use SMART goals to keep everyone ...

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Understanding HubSpot's Analytics Tools

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Dec 18, 2017 4 min. read

Your website is your best salesperson. The more information you have about its current performance, the more effective content and design decisions you’ll be able to make to build on its success. ...

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Trends and Predictions for Inbound Marketing in 2018

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Dec 4, 2017 3 min. read

Over the past year, there have been lots of emerging technologies and trends in digital marketing. The overriding theme in these trends continues to be creating a more streamlined, personalized and ...

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How to Start Practicing Inbound Marketing Techniques Today

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Nov 20, 2017 3 min. read

What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is marketing with a magnet instead of a hammer. It’s the practice of pulling users to you with compelling content and a search engine optimization (SEO) ...

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A Day in the Life of an Inbound Marketing Strategist

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Nov 14, 2017 3 min. read

 A single day can’t truly capture all that an inbound marketing strategist does because each day is completely different from the last. Let’s just say coffee and lists are our best friends.

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My Key Takeaways from HubSpot's INBOUND17

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Oct 18, 2017 2 min. read

I’m happy to say that INBOUND17 did not disappoint! HubSpot’s annual conference is a firehose of valuable information, and I was a sponge soaking up current best practices and helpful marketing tips ...

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Why Is Blogging Important for Your Business?

Inbound Marketing Diane Campbell Sep 13, 2017 4 min. read

Blogging is a vital part of any inbound marketing strategy because it offers multiple advantages for a business. Blogging provides opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership and authority within ...

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Digital Marketing for Your Business: 21 Questions to Ask Yourself

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Sep 11, 2017 3 min. read

The most fascinating thing about marketing is how closely tied it is to your overall business strategy. A company can be in business for years before they really begin to identify or understand how ...

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