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The Retirement of the Old Sales Funnel

Inbound Marketing Mallory Armstrong Oct 6, 2018 3 min. read

It went by quickly. There were thousands of people, colorful lights, loads of excitement, and it all took place in the historic city of Boston. Though it sounds similar to Pearl Jam at Fenway Park, ...

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Beyond ROI—Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Inbound Strategy

Inbound Marketing Gabbi Sarcone Aug 10, 2018 4 min. read

The goal of any marketing effort is simply driving significant, measurable growth by the most cost-effective means possible. When executives and business owners are looking for every opportunity to ...

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How to Create Effective Campaigns for ALL Your Clients in HubSpot

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Jul 25, 2018 3 min. read

If you use HubSpot, you may or may not be familiar with the campaigns tool. If you’re not, you'll likely find this article useful in setting up campaigns for your business. HubSpot’s user guide ...

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Can You Practice Inbound Marketing and Use Pop-ups?

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team May 31, 2018 3 min. read

If you ask someone what they think of website pop-ups, you’re most likely going to hear that pop-ups are annoying. But the truth is that when used correctly, pop-ups can actually create a simplified ...

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How Can I Get Traffic to My Website AND Track It in 2018?

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team May 26, 2018 4 min. read

Google’s algorithm is constantly updating. As digital marketers, it’s our job to keep up with these updates and understand how to implement that into our strategy for our clients. Below are the ...

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What Is Google In-Market Audience?

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Apr 25, 2018 6 min. read

Delivering the right message at the right time is a main component when it comes to digital advertising, and Google's in-market audience helps you accomplish just that by delivering to users who are ...

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Measure Your Marketing Success with Databox

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Apr 19, 2018 2 min. read

You know how important analytics is for your business. Do you spend hours trying to figure out which key performance indicators are important to measure and report? Databox can help you streamline ...

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Inbound Marketing Strategies to Conquer 3 Common Challenges

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Jan 12, 2018 3 min. read

Your business faces several challenges every day. While some hurdles are harder to clear than others, figuring out how to best market your products and services doesn’t have to keep you up all night. ...

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Working with a marketing agency

Inbound Marketing Tierney Needham Jan 5, 2018 10 min. read

The process of choosing a marketing agency can be overwhelming. How do you know which is the right partner for your business? Time will tell when your choice reflects the quality of your marketing ...

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How to Set Up a Persona in HubSpot

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Jan 2, 2018 2 min. read

If you aren’t familiar with what buyer personas are, basically they are a way for you turn your ideal customer into a fictional character. This helps you to visualize them as a living, breathing ...

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How to Set Up Messaging for Google My Business

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Dec 26, 2017 2 min. read

Google My Business has a feature that allows customers to chat with someone directly at your business. You’ve probably Googled a business before and clicked “call” to call them directly without ...

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Set SMART Inbound Marketing Goals for the New Year

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Dec 21, 2017 2 min. read

The SMART goals approach is a great way to establish manageable goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based. Inbound marketing agencies use SMART goals to keep everyone ...

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