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Tips to Make Writing Less Stressful and More Fun

Content Creation Blue Frog Team Mar 22, 2017 3 min. read

Do you get stressed just thinking about writing, or do you find it terribly tedious? Maybe writing is a large part of your job, or perhaps the only time you need to write anything out is when ...

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Is My Business Blog for My Audience or SEO?

SEO Blue Frog Team Mar 20, 2017 3 min. read

You know your business blog is vital for SEO purposes—it’s one of the biggest reasons you spend time blogging for business. But your blog isn’t just a way to generate a steady stream of new content ...

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5 Ways Your Brand Strategy Can Overcome Social Media Burnout

Social Media Blue Frog Team Mar 6, 2017 3 min. read

These days, more and more people are taking a break from social media. Whether it’s because of frustration with content, concern about spending too much time online, or a variety of other health and ...

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Content Marketing for the Buyer's Journey (Part 2)

Content Creation Diane Campbell Feb 3, 2017 3 min. read

Content marketing is an effective way to raise brand awareness, attract customers, educate people about your products, services, or industry, generate leads, and increase sales for your business. ...

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Content Marketing for the Buyer's Journey (Part 1)

SEO Diane Campbell Feb 2, 2017 3 min. read

Content marketing can be a powerful way to raise awareness of your brand, attract your ideal customers, educate internet users about your products, services, or industry, generate leads, and increase ...

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3 Simple Content Marketing Resolutions for 2017

SEO Blue Frog Team Jan 18, 2017 5 min. read

It’s January again. Now that the holiday buzz has died down, have you thought about what your content marketing goals are for your business in 2017? Research shows that setting goals increases ...

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How Can My Blog Generate Leads?

SEO Diane Campbell Jan 17, 2017 3 min. read

You may have heard that blogging is an important aspect of optimizing your website for search engines (SEO), making it easier for users to find, but can your blog actually help you generate leads for ...

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5 Reasons You Need a Professional Content Writer

Content Creation Blue Frog Team Jan 5, 2017 3 min. read

If you own a small to medium-sized business, you might still think you can “do it all.” But whether you install custom garage doors, build custom homes, or run a law firm, your time is best spent on ...

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Marketing EBook Ideas for 2017

Content Creation Diane Campbell Dec 30, 2016 4 min. read

Did you know that eBooks can help you attract website visitors and leads, educate potential customers about your business, and help you build authority in your industry? By providing downloadable ...

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4 Business Blogging Mistakes You MUST Avoid

SEO Blue Frog Team Dec 26, 2016 4 min. read

 If you’ve decided to start blogging for business development, congratulations! Writing a business blog is a great way to generate a lot of new, fresh content for your website, which helps your SEO. ...

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Blog Post Alchemy: The Formula for Turning Leads into Gold

SEO Blue Frog Team Dec 7, 2016 4 min. read

If you’ve started blogging for business development, you might worry that you’re not “doing it right.” Take heart! Here are a few pointers to make your blog posts better: more readable, more likely ...

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What Topics Should Your Marketing eBooks Cover?

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Nov 17, 2016 4 min. read

 Marketing eBooks are standalone pieces of content that people can download from your website, typically as a PDF. This allows a reader to save the book on their computer or tablet, read it at their ...

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