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SEO Basics: How Long Should My Blog Articles Be?

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Aug 1, 2017 6 min. read

The answer to this question is probably more complex than you think (or want to believe). Over the past few years, many bloggers have pushed for 500–800-word (on average) blog articles, thinking that ...

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How to Create Online Content That More People Read

Inbound Marketing Diane Campbell Jul 7, 2017 3 min. read

An effective inbound marketing plan relies on compelling content that attracts and engages your audience. How do you make your content compelling? First, you must understand who makes up your ...

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The Boss Business Blog Breakdown [Part 2—SEO and Engagement]

SEO Diane Campbell Jun 24, 2017 4 min. read

In our last blog post, we examined what you need to do to lay the foundation for a successful business blog. Today, we’ll get more specific and look at how to use that foundational work to make each ...

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The Boss Business Blog Breakdown [Part 1—Focus on Your Audience]

SEO Diane Campbell Jun 22, 2017 3 min. read

Your blog can be a powerful online asset—if you use it right. Anyone can throw up some stream-of-consciousness ramblings and hit “publish,” but if you want your blog to not only be read but to draw ...

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3 Times You Should Hire a Professional Content Writer

Content Creation Blue Frog Team May 1, 2017 4 min. read

If you run a successful business, you know you watch every penny that you spend on hiring third-party help to take care of your company's various needs. Frequently, companies engage professionals ...

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How to Create Viral Social Media Content

Social Media Blue Frog Team Apr 29, 2017 2 min. read

What do Dumb Ways to Die, The Dress, and Kony 2012 all have in common? They all went viral. While no one can guarantee a viral social media phenomenon, there are steps you can take to increase your ...

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How Can I Write Compelling Content on a Regular Basis?

Content Creation Diane Campbell Apr 25, 2017 6 min. read

While creating exceptional written content is an essential aspect of search engine optimization (SEO), many people find writing to be stressful and difficult. How many times have you sat in front of ...

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What Types of Content Should I Create for My Website?

SEO Diane Campbell Apr 23, 2017 3 min. read

The content you include on your website is essential to and should form the foundation of your business’ online marketing strategy. That thought can be overwhelming. Where should you start? Once you ...

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Advertise on YouTube with the TrueView Platform!

Inbound Marketing Diane Campbell Apr 20, 2017 3 min. read

Are you using video content to promote your brand? If not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to generate awareness of and interest in what you have to offer. According to Google, nearly half of ...

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Inbound Marketing Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Social Media Blue Frog Team Apr 10, 2017 4 min. read

As the weather gets warmer, runners pour out into the streets to participate in 5ks, 10ks, half and full marathons. As I trotted along and clicked off the miles in my first road race of the year, I ...

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How Do I Get People to Read My Business Blog?

SEO Blue Frog Team Apr 5, 2017 4 min. read

Blogging for business is a great way to enhance the content on your company website, improve your status as an industry thought leader, and foster continuing relationships with current and potential ...

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Why Content Creation Is Your Most Important Online Marketing Strategy

SEO Blue Frog Team Mar 23, 2017 4 min. read

Organic traffic—visitors coming to your site by clicking through search engine results (not paid search ads)—is like the holy grail of website traffic. The better you are at search engine ...

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