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    Apr 5, 2014

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    Social Recruiting: Are you looking for employment?

    Are you looking for employment? 

    Although the economy seems to be improving (depending on your source) many times in your life you may find yourself looking for employment. Some reports suggest that you will change jobs ten to fifteen times during your career. This means we all better stay on top of the latest job search strategies. Social media offers a powerful resource to enhance your job search. With over 175 million users, LinkedIn is a great way to get started.

    Here are five tips to stay up to date in the market place using Linked In.

    Completely fill out your LinkedIn profile.

    Make sure that you have filled out your profile so people can easily recognize you. A profile photo, current place of employment and education are a great start. Remember, that most people will only spend a few seconds on your page. So, you need to have a profile summary that quickly outlines what you can do for people. Not, what your job is but what your talents are. This will allow people who are searching for you to easily find you.

    Accept connections of people you know.

    When you get that email notification letting you someone wants to connect with you, take the time to add them. It’s a good idea to only add people you know, however if they met you in a group room or have similar connections you might consider accepting the request. LinkedIn’s power comes from connecting with current and new relationships. This takes a few seconds, so please don’t tell me you’re too busy.

    Actively look for people you know or have just met.

    Like any relationship, you need to do your part. Make sure you spend time each day, week or month adding people to you network. If you have just been to an event and have been given new business cards find them on LinkedIn and stay connected. This is a perfect way to build a relationship with someone. You can send them links to articles they might enjoy, directly LinkedIn email them and follow their career.

    Join Group Rooms

    Find Groups that benefit you professionally and personally. Finding topics you care about will make it easy to log in and see what is new. Plus, it gives you a chance to meet people all over the world. This is a great way to connect with those potential employers.

    Search for jobs directly on LinkedIn

    Rules on LinkedIn require businesses to place job ads on the site. One of the tabs at the top of the site is delegated just for jobs. Take a look at all the potential opportunities at your finger tips!

    We have obtained about 50% of our business using social media. We meet people all over the United States that otherwise would have cost a fortune to market to.  The world around us is changing every day. Are you staying on top of it?

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