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Consumers and Businesses Love Print Marketing

Print Management Tyler Scott Aug 31, 2015 3 min. read

Is print marketing dead? This question has been asked over the past few years in the marketing world since the explosion of new technology, Internet, and social media has taken over our lives. Many ...

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How Booklet Printing Can Grow Your Small Business

Print Management Tyler Scott May 15, 2015 2 min. read

Small businesses have a tough time getting in front of their target market and marketing to those people cost effectively. Small businesses are always looking for ways to attract leads to their brand ...

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College Football and Social Media

Social Media Tyler Scott Sep 10, 2014 3 min. read

In the heat of the college football season social media can be a good or bad thing for college football players across the country. College football is always a hot trending topic on Fall Saturdays ...

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3 Social Media Training Tips for your Small Business

Social Media Tyler Scott Aug 19, 2014 2 min. read

We want to start this blog with sharing 3 social media marketing statistics: 83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. The number of businesses that say Facebook is ...

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Blue Frog Employee Spotlight : Marketing Coordinator

Business Marketing Tyler Scott Jul 29, 2014 3 min. read

Hi everyone! Blue Frog would like to introduce you to our Marketing Coordinator, Tyler Scott. Tyler has been with Blue Frog since June of 2013. He manages multiple social media accounts for our ...

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Get the best marketing ROI with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Tyler Scott Jul 10, 2014 4 min. read

Trying to grow a business through marketing efforts can be a lot of fun, until you're not seeing a return on investment and it's no longer fun. For most business owners, the decision to outsource ...

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Become a Successful Online Brand With These Tips

Social Media Tyler Scott Jun 10, 2014 2 min. read

Walter Landor, the legendary brand designer, once said “Products are made in factory while brands are created in the minds”. In the pre-Internet days, building a brand took years of hard work and ...

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The Good and the Bad of Facebook Advertising

Social Media Tyler Scott May 13, 2014 3 min. read

Most of Facebook's revenue comes from businesses purchasing Facebook advertising space. There is a reason why Facebook is now a publicly traded business on Wall Street. It is because Facebook ...

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Yellow Page Advertising vs. Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Tyler Scott Apr 9, 2014 3 min. read

When was the last time you opened up the phone book to find a product or service? Do you even know where to find a phone book at your house? If you don't know the answer to those questions it's ...

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Why is Facebook Making it Difficult for Businesses?

Social Media Tyler Scott Dec 12, 2013 2 min. read

Have you noticed the organic reach from your Facebook posts have been falling short? That's because Facebook is admitting the fact that marketers are going to have to pay for reach. As a marketer or ...

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Inbound Marketing and Football

Inbound Marketing Tyler Scott Dec 5, 2013 3 min. read

I am a huge Iowa State Cyclone Football fan and us Cyclone fans did not have a great season. We had some early signs of success but we were leaving Jack Trice Stadium feeling let down. Regardless of ...

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11 Tips On Launching a New Product

Sales and Marketing Tyler Scott Nov 26, 2013 4 min. read

Are you getting ready to launch a new business product? You may have came up with the next best thing for your customers or the world, but the world is a cluttered marketplace. Your product launch is ...

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